IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
13-16 December 2021 // Hyderabad, India

Tutorial – 3 (December 13, 2021 – 9.30AM-1.00PM)

Title: Optical Wireless Communications: Fundamentals and Potential Applications with a vision for 5G and Beyond

Speakers: Prof. Anand Srivastava, Professor, IIIT Delhi

Abstract: The upcoming fifth- and sixth-generation (5G and 6G, respectively) communication systems are expected to deal with enormous advances compared to the existing fourth-generation communication system. The few important and common issues related to the service quality of 5G and 6G communication systems are high capacity, massive connectivity, low latency, high security, low-energy consumption, high quality of experience, and reliable connectivity. Of course, 6G communication will provide several-fold improved performances compared to the 5G communication regarding these issues. The Internet of Things (IoT) based on the tactile internet will also be an essential part of 5G-and-beyond (5GB) (e.g., 5G and 6G) communication systems. Accordingly, 5GB wireless networks will face numerous challenges in supporting the extensive verities of heterogeneous traffic and in satisfying the mentioned service-quality-related parameters. Optical wireless communication (OWC), along with many other wireless technologies, is a promising candidate for serving the demands of 5GB communication systems. This tutorial clearly presents how OWC technologies, such as visible light communication, light fidelity, optical camera communication, and free space optics communication, will be an effective solution for successful deployment of 5G/6G and IoT systems.

Prof. Anand Srivastava

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